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06 February 2020 @ 10:19 pm


... and partially friends-only. Comment here to be added~
30 April 2012 @ 10:45 pm
Too much info to share and too tired to do it... D:

Trivia: Every second LG banner features Super Junior M members XD
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30 April 2012 @ 03:44 am

So, here I am.

From the limited amount of the sites I could open, I've learned something more about Chinese internet censorship. Apparently, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are blocked here, plus Google's pretty shaky.
If any of you are willing to look more into it and write something in the comments, I'd appreciate it a lot. I can't do much research when almost any relevant site in English can't be opened.

Anyway, seems like LJus the only way to get in touch with the world now. Though Tumble works, too, it's really slow x_x I'll try to allow comments for non-LJ users as well, so talk to me!!

It's almost 4AM and I've already been awake for an hour. Sobs. Thank God for smart phones.

I'll try to report again soon, maybe even through some short useless posts =w=

Have a nice day/night/morning~


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11 September 2011 @ 08:01 pm
LJ-cut kept messing with me so the whole entry is under this cut. The personal life part AND the pictures. Clikc if you dare o.oCollapse )

Well... I said it would be long hehe =w=
Despite feeling really bad physically, I'm more cheerful now after writing about this... I guess that's what 2PM does to me <3

See you guys in my next entry which will hopefully come soon~

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22 August 2011 @ 12:40 pm
Well, it's not that I actually like him, but without him, there wouldn't be this awesomeness. 

Seriously, Henry is hardcorely amazing. Super-talented freakin' beautiful person. GAH. Probably my favorite Chinese person ever lol. MALE Chinese person. I still think I like Jia and Fei more =w=

The beginning with the piano is totally awesome and the dance break near the end... so cool! 
I think I might like Super Junior M more than the original group... music-wise. Or language-wise? LOL no, but the Mandarin is growing on me o.o Perfection is such a dope song though I think I might've seen the misheard lyrics parody too many times and now I'm hearing those lyrics in the actual song. "Oh Taiwan men!" "Need Italian" "Eat you up Siwonnie" "You want my booty?" OH THE LULZ

On another note, I think I'm addicted to La;Cen-zhow again. Their sound is so alluring... though my Last.fm can't really keep up with my iPod listens as my iTunes library was erased AGAIN. Really, it happens way too often, I need to start backing it up or something. Now I have to erase my whole iPod to be able to add new songs and actually sync it with iTunes. The only songs I have in my iTunes library now are... the ones from 2PM's "I'm your man" single. BUUUUUUUUUUUUT the song is so awesome and the Japanese version of Without U is epic! Unlike the Japanese version of Heartbeat.
I can't wait for my copies. I've ordered type A and B from Play-asia as it was cheaper than from CDJapan. I also ordered one Take off poster... that will be my fourth 2PM poster ಠ_ಠ

Hugry. Gotta have a lunch.
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16 August 2011 @ 10:51 pm
I don't wanna be an overreacting fangirl, but this shit is seriously pissing me off.

So there are those pictures of Taec and SNSD's Jessica in a café in Japan together. What's the big deal? Actually, there would be none if some "fans" weren't batshit insane. 
Taec and Sica have known each other for a long time, are good friends, and even if they're dating it's THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS. I know that since they're idols and all their private lives aren't really private but they're still free to date anyone they want.

It's freakin' stupid to tell someone to "go and die" and insult him with such untrue and unreasonable facts that it just hurts to read. You know, if they're actually dating, your precious Jessica would be damn hurt by such comments directed towards the man she loves. And even if they're not dating, I'm sure they like each other enough to care. 

There are these three twitter accounts: @antitaecyeon, @antitaecyeon1 and @antitaecyeon2. There were two more, but with the united power of HOTTESTs all over the world plus some amazing people from other fandoms they got suspended. The stuff that's written there is absolutely disgusting and sad. I felt like shit when I read it and watched the videos that person made. Someone like him doesn't deserve this.

Blaming him for wanting attention - he's the second most popular member of 2PM, one of the most popular boy groups in Korea and internationally. Why would he crave for attention?
Saying he can't sing, rap or act - first of all, his vocal range isn't all that great, that's why he's a rapper and not a singer in the first place ((though he can perfectly sing the short singing parts he gets once in a while - I have proofs 8D)). Using Heartbeat's rap to say "he can talk fast but can't rap" is lame, since that rap part was made for speed-rapping. Give a listen to other songs and shut up. As for his acting, mocking this one talent is the stupidest thing an anti can do when it comes to Taec. He's praised by all the critics and the media for being exceptionally talented - Dream High and Cinderella's Sister can prove it. So again, STFU.
Trying to blame Jay's controversy on him - OH GOD, why drag poor Jay into this? They were freakin' best friends. Ugh.
And the most lame of all = saying he's ugly - WTF. We all have our own prefferences, sure, but Taec's far from being ugly. Yup, his ears are huge but that's the only "negative" part. A great body, pretty nose, nicely shaped lips, beautiful big eyes, wonderful cheekbones... need anything more? Ah, yeah, you just need to get used to all the amazing trolling he does and the weird trolling faces he makes. He's a cutie, actually.

If I could pick an older brother from 2PM, it would be him. Since Jay left, Taec's been more-or-less the unofficial leader despite not being the eldest. When their flight in the US got delayed, he acted the most mature. He's reliable, smart and caring. And he's unbelievably sweet, dorky and funny with all the trolling. I love him to bits.

What I find very hard to understand is the fact that this person is trying to "protect" Jessica or whatever, but he/she's actually mocking her and insulting her by saying that she's a lesbian. Maybe she is ((I highly doubt it)), but this is not the way how you should talk about an idol you respect. I don't like SNSD, but I feel sorry for them for having such a fan. 

Okay, enough. I just hope Taec didn't feel too bad after seeing all that shit. HOTTESTs were spamming him with love-filled messages in the meantime so I hope he's okay. I know he's used to some hate, but it must still hurt.

Here's something that I found today while I was trying to make some order in my picture folders.
It's just simply beautiful. I admire him so much... every time I hear him sing and see him dance now, I feel so proud of him. His singing is great ((his falsetto is actually absolutely golden)) and he's the third best dancer in the group ((the two dance prodigys are in the way XD)).
I started from zero, unlike the others. I don’t have any talents, so I was told off many times from people for not being able to neither dance nor sing. But I don’t care; just like a weed, I stood up and tried, that’s why I’m here. Even now, I’m still trying.

- Chansung


You amazing human being. You're beautiful both on the outside and on the inside and I don't regret discovering you at all. The way you speak about ordinary things is so poetic and alluring and the way you live your life is so admirable and inspiring. Thank you for making me carry on and never stop trying.

Let's stop here before it becomes a Chansung-rant-post. 
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16 August 2011 @ 06:47 pm

 I'm home~
I came home on Sunday evening actually, but was too lazy to update =w=

The Brno Moto GP race was absolutely superb <3 There were many falls, but nothing too serious - the worst looked like a broken leg, though. Still dunno who that was o.o 
We saw both the qualifications and the races. The 125cc class was a bit surprising, as the usual winner and leader Nicolas Terol had some technical problems and despite leading during the first few laps, eventually he had to stop ._. That made me root for Zarco even more, but in the end it was Cortese who won ((seriously, how's "Sandro Cortese" a German name? LOL)). The young Czech rider Jakub Kornfeil came in 7th, which was absolutely awesome.

The Moto2 class made me totally euphoric. Sure, the GP class is the "royal"one, the best, fastest, coolest one, but somehow I enjoy Moto2 more as the bikes are almost the same, only settings and brands are different and that makes the riders more even and the race more exciting. There are a lot of riders in this category, so there are usually many falls/accidents, too, so you may never know who will end up as the top 3. That's why the results in Brno made go all ASDFGHJKL. IANNONE WON.
You see, if any of you remember my past Moto GP entries, you may know that I rooted for Toni Elías ((after Shoya's accident)) the most. Thanks to his amazing results, he progressed from the Moto2 class into Moto GP. The same happened to Marc Márquez, my former 125cc favorite, who went on to Moto2. So, who should I root for?
I'm a faithful person, so I'll stick to my last year's favs: Iannone, Marquez, Luthi, Takahashi, Vasquez, De Angelis, Redding, Espargaro brothers, Aegerter. Plus now it's also the Turkish rider, Sofuoglu. If I had to pick my top 3 ... hmm... Iannone, Takahashi, Márquez. I'd love to put the Technomag team ((Aegerter and Sofuoglu)) in there, but they're not as skilled as those three. Sofuoglu is pretty impressive, though o.o He pretty much took Shoya's place in the Technomag team, but I'm glad he did. He's talented and Dominique isn't alone in there at least =w=

Well now, back to the race, YES, IANNONE WON. We were all pleasantly surprised. He's an amazing rider, but gets into accidents way too often. I'm not really fond of this year's Moto2 leader, Bradl. Don't ask me why, we always have those we like and those we don't, right? 
So it looked like he would win this one too, either him or Márquez. But Iannone who qualified as 6th, managed to shuffle in between them and eventually won o.o There were some Italians, Rossi's fans sitting next to us and well, they sure were happy too XD

As for the Moto GP class... Stoner ended up winning pretty clearly, so it wasn't that interesting. There was a very disappointing moment though - Karel Abraham, a Czech Moto GP rider, fell down right in front of us. Poor Abaja, he was at home and yet he didn't get to finish the race. 

I have some nice pictures~ They were too huge so I had to resize them a bit, but they're still pretty big. Clicky~


Yup so it was somewhat like this. It was kinda nostalgic when I realized that last year I saw my precious Shoya there and he won a wonderful second place. Even had the pole position. Ah x_x

Randomness for the end: I've just found out something. See this rider here?

That's Marc Márquez. One of the leading figures in the Moto2 racing class. What's so special about him, besides being an amazing rider who's progressing really fast? Well, he's a 93-liner. HE'S FREAKIN' 18. 
Sure, there are many young riders, but not those who make it to the top so fast. WOW.

Next entry coming soon, I gotta vent myself a bit.
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12 August 2011 @ 09:32 pm
 FUCK. Now that 2PM have been added, I have another reason to be envious. 

It's the US again. USA. Why not Europe? Like SM Town? T___________T

I love Sky.
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12 August 2011 @ 08:28 pm
 I'm eating wasabi potato chips... it's so spicy that even my nose burns and runs~

That's not what I wanna talk about, though... Tomorrow, me and my family are going to Brno to see the Moto GP race there. We'll be there the whole weekend. Tomorrow's the qualification and the actual race is on Sunday. We're also visiting the Czech part of our family, they live near Brno. I haven't seen them for two or three years! I'm really looking forward to it.

That kinda means I won't be able to update much, maybe not at all. I'll also miss the 6th episode of 2PM show ._. Ah, whatever, I always wait for the torrent upload to download and watch it, anyway D:

Also, more countries for 2PM's Asian HANDS UP tour have been revealed today. I'm so envious~ I wonder if they'll ever come to Europe? They've been to the US already... ._.

Sorry, I'm in a bad mood today.... x_x
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 I listened to Megaro's new mini today.

Overall, I really liked the release. But as for the individual songs, I don't think any of them impressed me all that much. I mean, I like them all, but none of them made me go "Wow" like AURORA did, for example. I can't even pick my favorite song yet... each song has something, a part or an element, which I really like. If I could just combine all of them into one song, I think that would be the perfect song for me XD

I wouldn't call this a review since I'm not very fond of them D: Despite being quite familiar with composition, I don't have the confidence to judge musicians like the reviewers usually do, so I'll just stick to my personal opinions without going too deep into the composition and instrument analysis. 

Distinctive Theory - I like the beginning theme and the chorus. Though the bass lines don't really seem to be very complex, I like the fact that the bass is amazingly audible~ But the solo sounds kinda familiar, dunno why o.o The more I listen to this song the more I like it, I think it'll grow on me even more in future.

Quintessence Voyage - I didn't like this song very much after listening to it for the first time, but it's actually really cool. Unlike in Distinctive Theory, I don't like the beginning of the song so much, but it turns into a completely different song for me once Sui starts singing. The melody is very catchy and definitely has that "title track feel". The solo s kinda short though, isn't it? Maybe it's because Misery plays it so fast that I get that feeling. It's a very nice song, the only thing I'm not really fond of is that NEGA-ish beginning theme and when it comes back before the solo. Other than that, it's pretty awesome.

if...reminiscence - I'm totally learning that piano part at the beginning!! It's so pretty~ This song is REALLY beautiful. It has this "lighter" atmosphere, but doesn't fall into that calm and dreamy pattern like other songs of this kind do. Somehow, its chorus is the least catchy, but it's the other parts of the song that make it so good. I LOVE the piano. Even the backing vocals are very pretty. I'd say that this song is the most enchanting one.

bouquet - This song kinda reminds me of 美醜の果実 'cause it has that strange "mystery" feel. And some guitar parts remind me of Idea - not that they sound similar, but have that baroque-ish drive; I've played similar melodies on the piano in various baroque pieces. It's a really awesome song, the only thing I didn't get used to yet are Sui's vocals at the beginning and at the end of the song - they kinda give me the creeps o.o

Phantom to the past - Another epic beginning~ Just like if...reminiscence, it's not the chorus that makes this song so enjoyable, it's the rest of the song. I really like the solo and the fact that it's longer than in the other songs on this mini. The synth parts are very beautiful, too and the ending of this song is absolutely gorgeous. It's as if they're giving you some time to recollect on what you've heard~

Atmosphere - This song is so short! x_x I mean, it's short for a metal song... I know Desperate with Vampire is even shorter, but still... meh ._. There's this part before the guitar solo which sounds to me like a game song or something XD I don't have much to say about this song. I like it, but the least from the whole mini. 

This release was a very nice surprise after Oath for me. I think I'm gonna love it even more over the time~ 
For now, if...reminiscence, bouquet and Phantom are fighting for the first place. I wonder which song will I like the most in the end :3

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